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MCAL Eval. License Request

MCAL Eval. license access for new projects

Infineon offers a six-month free of charge access to MCAL software for evaluation purpose. The access is for your use only and for the specific project details, which you provide us via below form. Please note that you are not allowed to redistribute the software under any circumstance. In the following, we ask for some details to get a better understanding of your company project. These details will be used for identifying the respective software package and for internal documentation purpose.

In case, you wish to continue using MCAL software after the six months, then your company is required to sign a software license agreement with Infineon. Please contact your Infineon Sales contact for further details.

In case you need any help to answer below questions, please contact your Infineon Sales person or send your query to R-IFX-Softwarereque@infineon.com.

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