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MCAL Access for existing project & corporate license

Please use this form to request MCAL access, if your project is already registered at Infineon or one of your colleague has previously provided the required info for MCAL access at the page “MCAL Eval. license access for new projects”. In this case, you only have to mention the software license agreement type, which your company has signed with Infineon.

There are two software license types: project license and corporate license. Project license is only valid for a single project, while corporate license is valid for multiple projects.

Please specify in the below form if your company have a corporate license or a project license. In case of corporate license, please write "corporate license for TC3xx", in case of project license, please provide the exact project name, e.g. "EPS for OEM X, or BMS for OEM X".

In case you need any help to answer below questions, please contact your Infineon Sales person or send your query to R-IFX-Softwarereque@infineon.com.

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