AIROC™ Cloud Connectivity Manager (CCM)

Infineon/AWS solution Makes IoT Product Development Simple and Quick

The AIROC™ Cloud Connectivity Manager (CCM) solution and AWS IoT ExpressLink make connecting your IoT products such as industrial sensors, home appliances, irrigation systems and medical devices to the AWS cloud simple and quick without firmware development, testing and maintenance.

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Top 5 reasons to check out this solution  

  • Uses simple configuration commands to establish a connection and start streaming data to AWS within hours.

  • Enables you to transform products into IoT devices without developing lots of code or having a deep understanding of the implementation.

  • Gives flexibility to connect devices to AWS, while preserving the original application software and avoiding costly redesign.

  • Is software upgradable via over-the-air upgrades (OTA) on the CCM solution with support for host OTA upgrades to ensure security and future proofing.

  • Supports CIRRENT™ Cloud ID, ensuring that each device has a unique device identity that gets uniquely bound to an end customer the first time it boots.

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