OPTIGA™ Authenticate S

OPTIGA™ Authenticate S

OPTIGA™ Authenticate S is suited to an ever-expanding range of applications including single-use disposables such as HVAC and water filters and purifiers, cartridges, rechargeable batteries for smartphones, portable devices, e-scooters, e-motorbikes, LEVs and other mobility solutions, as well as computing and robotic systems in highly complex IoT environments. The turnkey solution comes with full system integration support including embedded software, host software and advanced ecosystem support tools based on the latest PSoC™ 6 MCUs.

Non-Disclosure Agreement needs to be signed in order to access this product and supporting materials such as the full Data Book, Evaluation Kit, Development Kit or Application Notes. Please contact CSS Customer Service.

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Top 5 benefits  

  • Protection of OEMs and consumers against counterfeited devices

  • Additional customer services, such as alerts when spare parts need replacing

  • No need to invest in security know-how

  • Effortless implementation with full system integration support including embedded software, host software, full reference board based on PSoC™ 6 and with demo software and full documentation

  • Tiny and robust TSNP SMD package optimized for small devices gives freedom to design even very small products

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