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Motor selection and control

Free Motor Handbook: a complete overview

This free reference book covers all the basics you need to know about electric motors. Get familiar with all the different common motor types from induction machines, stepper motors to BLDC and switched reluctance motors. It explains differences in behavior, the strengths and weaknesses of each motor type for different applications without complex calculations.

The included dictionary section explains fundamental motor principles. The book is searchable and the hyperlinked table of contents will take you directly to your field of interest.

Reading this book will give you a good understanding of which motor type is suited best for which application. It will also give you a broad overview of common control methods for motors. Don’t be afraid of field oriented control (FOC) or direct torque control! You will understand the principles and differences after reading this Motor Handbook.

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The Motor Handbook is an ideal introduction and reference book for young engineers, students and professionals who don’t have a lot of hands on experience with electric motors. Graphs, diagrams and formulas are helping to understand the basics covered by this handbook.

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