Infineon’s IoT session series: Unleashing the power of the IoT – so you can focus on what really matters

Infineon’s IoT session series

In this increasingly digitalized and connected world, often we do not have enough time to focus on what actually matters. Hence, we would like to take you on a journey on which we show you what the Internet of Things is really capable of and what is at its core.

Within this series we give you an overview of the latest technologies and innovations to make the IoT work: accurate sensing, smart computing, reliable connection, and robust security.

Discover how microelectronics form the heart of the IoT!

Webinar topics

  • Session 1 – on-demand
    Sensing the world with Infineon’s XENSIV™ radar
  • Session 2 – on-demand
    Matter standards: Disrupting and transforming the smart home
  • Session 3 – on-demand
    Wi-Fi 6 / 6E: Powering the next decade of IoT
  • Session 4 – on-demand
    3D tracking with sound: XENSIV™ MEMS microphone that can hear and see
  • Session 5 – on-demand
    How to optimize energy efficiency & operation costs of smart homes and buildings by accurately measuring CO2 concentration
  • Session 6 – on-demand
    How FinTechs and Central Bank Digital Currencies are going to change the way we pay
  • Session 7 – on-demand
    Sense, Compute and Connect. Explore the power of Infineon’s 10-minute IoT Experience, using the new Rapid Development Platform: XENSIV™ Connected sensor kit
  • Session 8 – on-demand
    Accelerate your Next-Generation IoT Product Designs

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