Automotive Cybersecurity Webinar Series

Infineon's Automotive Cybersecurity Webinar Series

The future of smart and secured mobility – turning challenges into opportunities

With the goalposts constantly shifting, it has become harder than ever to keep up with the latest cybersecurity trends, regulatory challenges and technology advances.

Join us on the road to smart and secured mobility and register below for our Automotive Cybersecurity Webinar Series.

Webinar topics

  • Session 1 – on-demand
    Next level of security in complex automotive E / E architectures – system-level answers to security challenges
    •  How to evaluate automotive E/E architecture security
    •  Solutions to overcome current challenges in automotive security
    •  Introduction of new security module in future microcontrollers
    •  ISO 21434 and its impact on automotive security in the coming
  • Session 2 – on-demand
    Pillars and key technical building blocks of the secured car
    •  Automotive cybersecurity goals
    •  Layers of security at a car & ECU level
    •  AURIX™ hardware and software building blocks
  • Session 3 – on-demand
    Towards standardized automotive security – must-haves for connected vehicles and V2X
    •  The latest developments in the automotive security
        standardization and regulation landscape
    •  The impact of UNECE R155, ISO/SAE 21434, ISO-PAS 5112
    •  Regulatory updates, relevant standards and certifications for
        connected vehicles across the globe
  • Session 4 – on-demand
    Connected car of the future – get to know the security solutions for telematics and V2X
    •  The pace and requirements of V2X deployment vary from one
        region to another
    •  Beyond the technical and commercial challenges facing the auto-
        motive industry, taking a look at the geopolitical dynamics
    •  How optimized security solutions successfully couples the design
        challenges of OEMs and tier 1s
  • Session 5 – on-demand
    Secured authentication for Qi-standard compliant wireless in-car charging
    •  Introduction Qi standard issued by WPC (Wireless Power
    •  Introduction of new Qi authentication in wireless charging for
    •  Solutions overview
  • Session 6 - on-demand
    Scaling automotive security with TPM standards in interconnected AUTOSAR Classic and Linux environments
    •  How to enhance automotive security with solutions designed
        to protect against tampering and side-channel attacks
    •  Use cases and applications examples for secured key storage,
        secured communication, remote software updates (SOTA)
        and remote feature activation
    •  Overview of the TPM standard, functionalities and the
        extensive open-source support

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