SECORA™ Connect Solutions

SECORA™ Connect Solutions: Transforming things into payment devices

Why only pay with your credit card or smartphone? NFC-enabled payment can turn anything into a payment device. Infineon technology is helping to digitalize the payment space by empowering everything from smart watches and fitness trackers to rings, wristbands and more. 

With SECORA™ Connect, Infineon's product family for connected IoT devices, it is easy to secure payments and enable convenient biometric authentication while addressing the technical challenges by OEMs and industry partners. It is a system solution that is designed to be embedded into smart wearables to provide contactless secured payment, transportation ticketing, and other applications via Near Field Communication (NFC).
Top benefits for OEMs and NFC embedded application designers:

  • Turnkey NFC
  • Fast time-to-market
  • Ultra-low power consumption

  • Seamless migration
  • Optimized PCB migration
  • Pre-certified payment applications
SECORA™ Connect S security solutions are designed for field-powered NFC device applications, such as NFC embedded wearables like smart wristbands and non-connected NFC rings. Its ultra-compact size makes this IC a low-cost solution for smaller devices offering field-powered NFC payment capabilities. Suitable for single instance payment devices or tokens, SECORA™ Connect S utilizes a Java Card™ 3.0.5 and Global Platform 2.3.1 operating system as well as encrypted communication for fast and secure NFC payments.
SECORA™ Connect X is an all-in-one turnkey NFC solution for connected payments in a digitalized world. As an ultra-low power, boosted NFC solution, SECORA™ Connect X can be used to carry out secure payments across a range of active devices, including smart wearables (smart wristbands, smart watches, smart rings, etc.), automotive IoT devices and more. The IC offers multiple interface options and utilizes a Java Card™ 3.0.4 and Global Platform 2.2.1 operating system.
SECORA™ Pay W solution is a flexible one-stop-shop combining innovative technology with extensive services and design-in support. It enables simple and fast integration of contactless payment functionality into innovative form factors. Pre-certified by Visa and Mastercard and ready for implementation into innovative for factors. Optimized for battery-less, field-powered wearables or payment accessories (key fobs, wristbands, bracelets, etc.). SECORA™ Pay W based on SPA (Smart Payment Accessory) meets customer demands for sustainable, new materials and form factors as it can be integrated into almost every material.
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