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Security for embedded systems

Security for IoT – Do you know how to secure your embedded system?

Embedded systems are becoming ubiquitous. Due to trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine communication the number of connected devices and machines are increasing. Many of these – from small household appliances through large communication networks to complex, industrial automation systems – are controlled by special-purpose, embedded computing systems.

While this networking trend continues to gather pace – promising greater convenience and comfort for users and new business and service models for companies – security in this embedded world often lags far behind. Security vulnerabilities are rising dramatically as the attack surface widens and manufacturers struggle to protect sensitive data, IP and process integrity.


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A successful attack on an embedded system can expose confidential information such as know-how, intellectual property, customer data and process intelligence. In addition, it can interrupt operations based on manipulations or fake devices or servers. However security solutions can in addition also enable additional business with services such as secure remote maintenance.

Strong security measures provided by hardware-based security can enhance system security and can be used to realize a wide range of security functions. Whether it is protecting the system against fake spare parts or securing communication between devices, strong security measures are essential.

Software alone is often not enough to protect embedded systems as it can be read, copied and distributed with relative ease. Secured hardware is needed to securely store data and software code, detect manipulation and allow encrypted memory and processing. Infineon solutions establish a hardware-based root of trust that renders embedded software trustworthy. Infineon’s OPTIGA™ portfolio achieves this by supporting the following three key security-critical functions: Authentication, Encryption and Integrity.


In this webinar you will learn about:

  • how embedded systems in Internet of Things (IoT) or industrial applications can be secured
  • the benefits of dedicated hardware security in your system
  • which type of security functions you need to protect your system and supply chain
  • Infineon Technologies' security solutions and the OPTIGA™ family of security controllers


  • Johanna Zimmermann, Marketing Manager Embedded Security

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