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CoolMOS™ CE in SOT-223

High voltage MOSFET addresses cost / performance challenge

Customer requirements change rapidly: On the one hand power levels are continually decreasing, while, on the other hand, increasing cost pressure requires power designers to optimize designs to a fraction of a cent. The completion of the CoolMOS™ CE portfolio with the SOT-223 package is Infineon’s response to this challenge, enabling a reduction in BOM (Bill of Material) cost and, in some designs, optimizing the footprint, with only a small compromise on thermal behavior.

SOT-223 is the package of choice to optimize the cost and performance to meet customer demands without impacting the outstanding CoolMOS™ performance. SOT-223 also meets the technical requirements of low-power applications.

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This White Paper explains how to use a high voltage CoolMOS™ device in a SOT-223 package. This direct pin replacement for DPAK does not suffer any thermal limitations when placed on a DPAK footprint. Infineon offers the first high voltage MOSFET portfolio in a SOT-223 package without the center pin.