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Download application note: Tunable White LED Lamp Control with RGB LED Lighting Shield

SMART Lighting Solutions based on Infineon XMC1200 Cortex-M0 Family

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A tunable white LED consists of two LED channels: the cool white channel and warm white channel. The control parameters involved for tunable white LEDs are brightness and color temperature. These parameters are typically controlled via a dimmer switch.

The RGB LED Lighting Shield can be used for evaluating or making fast prototypes for tunable white LED applications. The optional DMX512 interface can be used in place of a dimmer switch to control the tunable white LEDs. Alternatively, potentiometers can be used for a simpler and cost effective method of evaluation.

This document provides hints for modifying the RGB LED Lighting Shield to drive the tunable white LEDs and control them via potentiometers.

The supplied application code is developed with Everlight’s CHI3030, which has a forward voltage of 25.5V for both warm and cool channels at 500mA. Other light engines with similar characteristics can be used directly with the code.

The hardware and software presented in this document can control the lamp’s color temperature between the mentioned range in 4095 discrete steps. It can also dim the intensity of light in 4095 discrete steps, with flicker- free quality light down to 0.5 % dimming level

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Scope and purpose
This document provides hints for using the RGB LED Lighting Shield to drive and control tunable white LEDs.

Intended audience
This document is intended for engineers interested in evaluating or making prototypes for their tunable white LED lamp applications.

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